In Our Community

At St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, our commitment to Christ’s teachings extends far beyond Sunday services. We believe in actionable faith, one that makes a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbors. Through Christ's love, we strive to transform lives, equipping families and individuals with essential resources that lead to housing stability. Our mission is more than just words—it's a movement. By anchoring our community in love, support, and service, we not only spread the Gospel but also foster an environment where every soul can find refuge, purpose, and growth. Dive into our community efforts and witness firsthand how faith, combined with action, can uplift an entire community.

In Our World

In a world filled with challenges, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church stands as a beacon of hope and restoration. We don't just believe, we act, driven by the unwavering conviction to let the entire world experience the healing power of Christ’s love. It's more than just a mission for us; it's our life's calling. At St. Andrew's, our global ministry and missions are testament to this commitment. We venture beyond borders, extending hands of compassion, understanding, and aid, ensuring that Christ's love is not confined to our immediate surroundings but is felt worldwide. Discover the vast and inspiring scope of St. Andrew's global endeavors and become a part of a movement that changes lives across continents.

How Will You Share Your Gifts?

There are so many ways to get involved at St. Andrew’s — whether you are serving at worship, at other on-campus events, in the community, or with our local and global partners. We couldn’t do what we do without the many people who provide passion and talent. Be part of it!