Care Visitation Ministry (CVM)

CVM is a group of trained volunteers who have the gift of visiting with people on a 1:1 basis in their homes. CVM members visit, pray, offer communion and follow-up with our attendees, helping them to stay connected to St. Andrew’s when for a variety of reasons that might be difficult. This ministry is for all age groups –  those who are struggling with illness or those who simply desire the benefits of a visit from a faithful volunteer.

The CVM team includes pastors, our parish nurse, and many trained volunteers.  This is not home health care, but a home-based ministry for health education and spiritual support. It’s a comprehensive faith and health approach to serving each other as Christ intended.

Home Visits

You or your loved one may appreciate the services of CVM after a hospitalization, during transitional care, on a temporary basis while recovering at home, or on an ongoing basis.  CVM members “bring the church to you” and share the gift of Christian fellowship. Requesting the services of CVM starts by contacting Dana Gabor, Parish Nurse, dana.gabor@saintandrews.org651.762.9106.

Interested in volunteering as a CVM member?

Contact Dana Gabor RN, Parish Nurse,, 651.762.9106.