It’s Who We Are


Meet Dave.

Passionate golfer. Active volunteer in many ministries. Recovering alcoholic. AA group member at St. Andrew’s.

“Alcohol makes you selfish. I learned that after I started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at St. Andrew’s a few years ago. AA was a lifesaver when I was facing the death of my wife and battling my own health issues. Thanks to that group and a power greater than myself – God – I started to reawaken spiritually. I started giving more of myself, and I started to listen, really listen, to sermons and scripture. The people of St. Andrew’s have embraced me and my family, and I am changed because of it.”


Meet Rebecca and Lauren.

Mother and daughter.  Longtime St. Andrew’s members. 

“We’ve been involved at St. Andrew’s in so many ways – confirmation, camp in choirs, at worship, and more. St. Andrew’s is our second home!  Generosity means giving out of love and expecting nothing in return, going above and beyond in what you give or do. We love that the people of St. Andrew’s demonstrate that kind of generosity to our family.”


Meet Joe.

Former professional bass player. Construction project manager. Woodworker. Motorcyclist. Habitat and Family Shelter team volunteer.

“We came to St. Andrew’s Contemporary Service to check out the music and the message. We loved it, so we stuck around and got involved. I believe God compels us to give as we are able. Giving is biblical, and it’s the right thing to do. I’m a regular on the Habitat crew and the new Family Shelter construction team in Hugo. I love watching volunteers who are committed, intentional and generous with their time and skills.”

Meet Brian.

“Generosity flows from the joy of sharing abundance. I love sharing my time, giving waves and smiles and directing traffic every weekend. The generosity that comes out of St. Andrew’s is amazing. There are no limits. We have people with skills and abilities to have such a great impact on the world. I’m blessed to be part of it.”


Meet Kris and Brad.

Water sports aficionados. Parents of three daughters. White Bear Lake natives. Travelers. Passionate volunteers.

“We were married at St. Andrew’s 27 years ago and baptized our daughters here. St. Andrew’s gave us so many opportunities to serve – as nursery volunteers, ushers, Confirmation leaders. Although our kids are out of the house now, there’s still so much for us to do and  so many opportunities to connect to community. St. Andrew’s is where we are supposed to be.”



Meet the A&E Wiffle Ball League

“On spring break last year, we met a kid from Vermont who organized a wiffle ball tournament for charity. It gave us an idea. We know lots of boys who play baseball, so we held a four-day tournament in Mahtomedi. All run by us, no coaches. We totaled up the player fees and concession money, and it came to $1,863. We brought the check to the Community Resource Center at St. Andrew’s.”

Meet Sara.

Advocate for kids with heart disease. Singer. Traveler. Mom. Cabin lover.

“Everyone wants to belong – whether you’re in a neighborhood or a faith community. St. Andrew’s has always felt like home to me. It’s my Christian family. Being in community at St. Andrew’s has not only fed me spiritually, but inspired me to look outward. We are called to help our neighbors, and St. Andrew’s has taught me how to do that.”

Meet Brittany.

St. Cloud State Class of 2018. Lifelong Lutheran. Alto. New member. Church camp fan. Media team volunteer.

“After I moved to the Twin Cities, I posted on social media that I was looking for a church. A friend messaged me, ‘Have you checked out St. Andrew’s yet?’ I’m looking forward to getting connected with this community of believers. I love the personal connection of worship, when it’s just you and God, hanging out at church.”



Meet Kent.

New York transplant now living back in his home state of Minnesota. Retired physician. Lawn mowing fanatic. Tenor in St. Andrew’s Choir. Organ music lover.

“I first heard about St. Andrew’s when its wonderful Casavant organ was featured on a National Public Radio program on my public radio station in upstate New York. Music is a spiritual experience that really resonates with me. When we moved back to Minnesota, we decided to live on the east side of the metro to be close to St. Andrew’s, and now I can experience this great music every week.”

Meet Terri.

Mom. Gardener. Retired mechanical engineer. Golfer. Dog owner. St. Andrew’s volunteer.

“I felt estranged from God for a long time after my husband died. Then I was invited by a family friend to join a group of volunteers who prepare the weekend bulletins. I was a little unsure whether I’d fit in, but they started loving me right away. Every time I’m here I’m overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. This place has been so welcoming. Now I’m volunteering in the kitchen and looking for other opportunities to help. St. Andrew’s opened the door to help me use my gifts.”



Join us at St. Andrew’s. We want to know who you are.