Make a Difference

Make A Difference Stewardship Campaign Underway!
If you haven't pledged yet, we invite you to bring your Make A Difference Pledge Cards to worship and place them in the offering plate as a sign of your desire to help make a difference in the name of Christ and as a celebration of the ministry we share together.
Thank you for the part you play in being a church that truly is making a difference in the name of Christ.

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3 Stories About How You and St. Andrew's Are Making a Difference
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Make a Difference!

Letter from Pastor John Hogenson

Making a difference... A young girl began to talk about how St. Andrew’s has made a difference in her life. She was so deeply moved that she broke into tears and could not find words that adequately described how much the church has impacted her life.

Making a difference... A high school student made a late-night trip to the emergency room. She was asked if she had a support network. She replied, “I have my church.” The emergency room person said, “I am not asking about a youth worker.” The young woman responded, “You don’t understand: I have my church – my entire church is there for me.”

A different kind of church... Not only are we an unusually large church, we seek to be a different kind of church. We are an externally focused church. We exist to make the world more like the world that Jesus envisioned by giving ourselves away in love in our community and around the world. We give ourselves away through two pre-schools and a ministry in Jamaica. We give ourselves away through our senior living facility and a ministry in Slovakia, by providing food, shelter, and jobs through our Resource Center. We do it by helping young people through our youth ministry and Tree House, through Habitat, our meal ministry and so much more. We are making a difference. We are a different kind of church.

You make a difference... Have you heard the United Way commercial that goes something like, “I helped feed thousands of children -----.” We can go one further – not only do we help save lives, provide, hope, help, shelter, clothing and so much more, we do what no other organization can do: WE ARE A BRIDGE BETWEEN GOD AND PEOPLE, PEOPLE AND GOD. When you serve, when you give to St. Andrew’s, you are making a profound difference.

Join us for our “Make a Difference” stewardship gatherings. Together we do MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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